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Popular Classic Board Games That Have Stood the Test of Time

September 20th, 2021

Historically, people have been occupying their minds and their time with games that involve thought and strategy. Games like Go, Chess and Mahjong have been recorded in historical journals dating back thousands of years. Even today, clubs and competitions are carried out with participants from every walk of life getting involved in the thrill of competition engaging in these classic styles of board games. This entertainment is based on thinking, timing and in some cases lucky. It can be a game of being able to ‘read’ your opponent or having them make an error in judgment, not on proximity to an electrical outlet of having a pocket full of AA batteries.

There are literally hundreds of board games that have been developed over the years on the market today, perhaps thousands. The most popular and most recognized that hold the place at the top of the list of strategy games include: Checkers, Chess, Cribbage, Backgammon, Sudoku and Go.

Checkers – Checkers is considered one of the easier board games, and often thought of as a game children learn at an early age. In this respect it can be enjoyed by adults as well, looking for a challenge but perhaps not too intense, more relaxing. You can enjoy this strategy board game but leave the complicated rules of some of the other style of games for another day.

Chess – Chess ranks up there in one of the top positions in terms of its popularity. With each chess piece having a different level of power, and ability to move about the board it makes this game a challenge to play and ‘foresee’ what will happen next. With the goal of capturing your opponent’s king being your ultimate goal, strategy is key to work play into a checkmate situation.

Cribbage – Some consider this more of a card game than a board game. A board is used to help keep score however play is carried out with a deck of cards. It is considered a card game for the thinker and little is based on luck.

Backgammon – Backgammon is one of the oldest known strategy style games in history. Its rules and goals make this another simple game to play, moving pieces from one side to another on the board. Some skill is involved, however a component of luck will factor into the outcome.

Sudoku – Sudoku can be set up like a crossword puzzle or a board game with tiles containing numbers are placed on a grid. You need to fill in a grid with the numbers one through nine however the trick is, you can use the numbers only once in each section. Thinking and planning are critical and its one of the reasons why this challenge has become so widely popular.