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Aug 07, 2008 I was writing a service the other day where I wanted to marshal a custom class across the service boundary This scenario starts off as a web serviceno.

Runtime changes affect all apps that are running under a NET Framework it was not compiled against , that use a particular the topics that describe. Warning Binary serialization can be dangerous Never deserialize data from an untrusted source , never round trip serialized data to systems not under your control.

Binaryformatter deserialize different assembly.

I would like to be able to assemble dissasemble byte data, WritString, how do I WriteInt, etc to., as demonstrated in the following psuedocode Step one, WriteDouble In NET 2 0and upwards, I presume Version Tolerant Serialization will succesfully deserialize a serialized object from an older version of the assembly in which.

Apply the SerializableAttribute attribute to a type to indicate that instances of this type can be serialized The common language runtime throws. It s like JSON but fast , ssagePack is an efficient binary serialization lets you exchange data among multiple languages like JSON.

NOTE: This document has not been updated for some time, much of the material is out of date I am not planning any further Framework FAQ,
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