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The Planet Trade Organizationor World Trade Organization, his two., occasionally referred to as simply Frieza s Army) is the organization apparently run by King Cold

The planet trade organization. The Planet Trade Organization is the organization run by King Cold , enslaves powerful races, Frieza , Cooler The organization employs , such as, his two sons

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An intergalactic crime cartel within the Dragon Ball Universe who employs and enslaves powerful races, to take over planets so that they can be sold to the highest.

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Facts Led by theCold Clan a family of immensely powerful mutant space ieza Cold is the most notable and fearedCold Clansmen' due to his ruthlessness. The Galactic Frieza Armyフリーザ軍, Furīza gun, lit Freeza Army also referred to as the Frieza Force and Planet Trade Organization, is the organization run by King Cold and his two sons, Frieza and Cooler, who are its princes, that at the peak of its power controlled a majority of Universe 7.

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