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Java platform independent explain.

Nov 17, C are also platform independent I., 2006 Can someone explain me what makes Java a platform independent language can t we say that other languages like C Are cross platform andplatform independence I personally see Java as platform uld you please explain difference between cross platform , .

Why java is platform independent explain by diagram Java is a platform independent language becoz of the bytecode magic of java.

I know that one of the big things about Java is that it is platform independent in the sense that you can make a Java application , have it run in Windows, Linux. Features of java, explain, platform independent, simple object oriented, advantages, programming, portable, robust, java, important, main, language, secured

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How Java is Platform Independent Java is platform independent because of byte code Java is platform independent but jvm is platform dependent. This is the answer given in KantedAcademy Java Compiler is processor platform) independent JVM is processor platform) dependent To understand this consider an.

Why Java is called as purely platform independent Explain briefly dont Give regular answers Explain with your own example. Definition of platform independent: Software that can run on any hardware platformPC, general, programs written in Java language can be executed.

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